Caer dog collar 'Solomon',M,leather, braided,BLK/NAT

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Hand braided leather collar made from vegetable tanned cowhide laces for small and middle-sized dogs


The durable 'Solomon' dog collar is braided by hand with 6 cow hide laces (veg-tanned). In this braid technique the pattern is braided around the 6 inside leather laces (picture above).

The dog collar fastener is braided into the collar and not glued in! Therefore it is tearproof.

Furthermore the dog collar is available in two different versions of fasteners: Quickrelease buckle (plastic) or Belt buckle (metal). You can select your desired version.

The fastener with belt buckle (metal) is provided with 5 punched holes in total. The measurement always refers to the center hole. For better understanding - a dog collar with belt buckle in
35 cm is adjustable from 33 - 37 cm
36 cm is adjustable from 34 - 38 cm
37 cm is adjustable from 35 - 39 cm
38 cm is adjustable from 36 - 40 cm
39 cm is adjustable from 37 - 41 cm
40 cm is adjustable from 38 - 42 cm
41 cm is adjustable from 39 - 43 cm
42 cm is adjustable from 40 - 44 cm
43 cm is adjustable from 41 - 45 cm
44 cm is adjustable from 42 - 46 cm
45 cm is adjustable from 43 - 47 cm
46 cm is adjustable from 44 - 48 cm
47 cm is adjustable from 45 - 49 cm
48 cm is adjustable from 46 - 50 cm
49 cm is adjustable from 47 - 51 cm

The suitable length you can choose top-right.

If you don't know the collar size I recommend the following measure method:
Measure the neck of the dog with a measuring tape. If you don't have a measuring tape available use a string or something similar and put it around the neck where the dog would normally wear the collar. Then use a ruler to measure the length of the string. That would be the collar size. If you are not sure please take a look at 'Google'. With the search term 'dog collar length' you will find a lot of articles on this issue.

Therefore this dog collar is manufactured by hand of course it can be adapted individually to your specific wishes. In this case please contact me.

By the way: Due to its casual design the dog collar is ideal for 'matching clothes' - even for the whole family! And the bracelets for the young and the young at heart you find here: Caer bracelet 'Solomon', leather, braided, BLK/NAT

  • Handmade
  • Veg-tanned cow hide laces
  • Fastener: selectable
  • Collar width: about 1,8 cm
  • Collar length: selectable
  • Colour: black/nature
  • Made in Germany
30 Tage Money back guarantee

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