Attach a guitar strap


How to attach a guitar strap to my musical instrument?


Due to simplicity I used the plain pictures from Levy's Leathers. Of course the descriptions also apply to the guitar straps from other producers.

Nowadays electric guitars, electric basses and acoustic guitars normally are equipped with two strap buttons. The attachment on this guitars / basses is easy:




Some of the acoustic guitars are equipped with only one strap button. In this case it is recommended to fix a second strap button, of course undertaken by a qualified guitar specialist, or the use of a string/lace alternatively a leather strap button. Often the lace is already supplied by the manufacturers.

Another and in my opinion a very good solution are the Acoustic Guitar Straps, specially made for guitars with only one strap button.



Some of the Acoustic Guitars (mostly classical guitars) are/were dispatched by the manufacuterers without strap buttons. For safety reasons, in this case I recommend to fix strap buttons of course undertaken by a qualified guitar specialist.

If you don't like this secure solution a 'classical guitar strap' could be a possibility. But when using a classical guitar strap please don't forget always to protect your instrument additionally with one hand. The guitar can tilt forwand and in the worst case the guitar crashes. Also it would be better always to control the strap hook, especially when playing a precious instrument (maybe with handmade beautiful inlays around the sound hole). If the strap hook is slightly damaged, it can produce scratches.



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