FAQ - Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Frequently asked questions


FAQ - Frequently asked questions


Which strap length suits me best?

The best strap length you have to find out yourself. Mostly it is a compromise of strap strength, strap comfort, top-heaviness of the guitar and the arrangement of the strap pins. An elastic strap should be adjusted shorter.
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Gurtlänge richtig einstellen - Alle Gitarren- und Bassgurte sind in der Länge individuell einstellbar

My guitar (western or classical) has no or only one guitar strap pin
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How can I prevent an accidentally slipping of the guitar strap from the strap button?
To avoid an embarrassing and often expensive accident, if the guitar strap slip off from the strap button you should protect your instrument additionally with Strap Locks or Security Locks.

My musical instrument is top-heavy, tilts forward
Maybe a guitar strap / bass strap with roughened backing can help, meaning the strap backing should be made from leather. Most suitable would be a suede leather backing or velvet backing. Unlike the slippery materials produced from Nylon, Poly ... etc. are this backings non-slip and so to say 'interlock' with the clothing.

My heavyweight musical instrument causes problems with the shoulder, neck or even the spine
Who's practicing, rehearsing or playing live for hours should choose an extra wide and padded guitar strap / bass strap. Thus already many future and primarly painful shoulder and back problems  can be avoided (Prevention is better than cure). The wide strap does not reduce the weight of the musical instrument, it distributes the weight better on back and shoulder and besides this a wide guitar strap avoids direct pressure or even cut in on the shoulder.

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